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    Paola SantamarĂ­a

    Prophetic Intercessor...

    $11.00 $11.00

    In this material, you will learn that prophetic intercession is much more than praying and proclaiming, you will discover that it is the action that legitimizes the intervention of the heavenly Father on earth and that allows the manifestation of His power and His Government to establish His Truth.

    With the revelation that the Lord will give you, you will become a powerful prophetic intercessor, capable of announcing, manifesting and establishing the original design that is recorded in the Scriptures and that the Messiah revealed to us when he was
    on earth.

    Prepare to live a deep awakening, be located, have a clear direction, and be activated in the dynamics of the Kingdom to open the way for the return of our great King.

  • Paola SantamarĂ­a

    School of the prophets...

    $14.00 $14.00

    The Holy Spirit is causing a great reform in the way the prophets work within the Kingdom. It is taking us out of loneliness and ministerial independence into teamwork and family-mindedness. He asks us to form companies of prophets who become, as in the time of the prophet Samuel, places of teaching, training, preparation, and transformation for the Lord's prophets and people. In this book you will find how to establish companies of prophets that provoke awakening, locating those who do not know their origin, identity and heritage; direction to those who ignore their eternal purpose, training to those who have been slaves of a system of error and activation in those who are prepared to fulfill their mission at this time.